[NYSE: ED]: On January 10th, 2019, Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED) opened trading at $75.37 and closed at $76.55 a share. This is a 1.66% increase from the previous day’s close of $75.30.

1,851,316 number of shares of Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED) were bought and sold in between the start and closing of previous market session. Average trading volumes during the previous three months session stood at 2.41M shares. The stock price volatility for the previous week at the close of regular trading was 1.72%, pushing the figure for the whole month to now reaching 2.40%. Stock’s Price slid down to $76.68 in intra-day trade at one point and has rebounded to hit the heights at $75.25 during the last 52 weeks’ time.

Technical Analysis is an amazing tool used for predicting prospects and trends for the short-term investors

Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED) is -2.44% away from its 50-day simple moving average. The organization’s diluted EPS stands at 22.01. This EPS is backed by the company’s return on equity of 9.90%. If we go through the VALUATION RATIOS, Consolidated Edison’s P/E Ratio (TTM) is recorded 3.59 that is in contrast with the overall industry ratio of 16.94, there is a room for improvement as the rest of industry from which this stock belong is doing better than the company. For now, ED beta value was -0.01, in contrast with 0.88 from the whole industry. So, the ED is less volatile than the entire Industry. Nonetheless stock is less volatile than the whole Market.

Meanwhile, since last 5 working days Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED) price performance +1.62% dropped with stock price decreasing $1.22. During the period the highest point came on January 10th, 2019 when the stock price was $76.68, while it fell down to $74.85 on January 8th, 2019. Similarly, if we look back on price performance of past 6 months, The Company has decreased its value -1.68%. The stock hit the peak on December 13th, 2018, when the price was noted $84.32 and the lowest price during the period was $73.85 on December 26th, 2018.

If we examine the performance of the Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED) in the previous two weeks, Relative strength of the stock was 44.61 in contrast with the overall market. The historic volatility was noted 29.78%, whereas its MACD Oscillator came down to -0.66, which shows the bearish signal. During the last fortnight stock’s ATR remained at 1.73.

Fundament Analysis usually emphasize on indicators in a firm’s financial statements to conclude if the stock prizes are appropriately valued

By glancing through the Company’s Growth Rates, Sales of the Enterprise in the most recent quarter against the quarter in year ago period was 3.64%, which is in fact more the overall industry Rate of 7.87%. It’s Sales trailing twelve months (earlier 12 successive months used for reporting financial figures) against the sales trailing twelve month is 4.84% versus -0.58% posted by the whole industry. So the stocks Growth rate is healthier than the overall Industry’s growth rate.

The sentiment around Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED) can also be attributed to possibility that it could top analyst predictions. In the last quarter, ED had an EPS of 4.94. This is in contrast with the Analysts outlook of 1.57 that was a difference of 0.11 and the surprise factor of 7.53%. If it beats this forecast, then positive sentiment will get even higher, and drive demand. Looking ahead, upcoming quarterly predictions for the EPS is 22.01 and for the full year analysts have given the outlook of 0.61 in Earnings per Share.

Will Consolidated Edison help bolster investments of its shareholders?

For this, let’s take a glance at what Market Analysts have to say about the stock. Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED) at this time has received an Agreement rating of a Hold from the panel of analysts. If we break down the complete analysis, 19 different Analysts have given out their observation on the Company’s stock. 1 of them believe that ED is a Buy. 0 of them recommends it as an Overweight, 13 believes it is worth holding. 0 number of analyst have recommended the Stakeholder that the stock is Underweight and 5 rated it as Sell. In the meantime, 3 months before, Consensus of 19 different analysts rated the stock as Underweight. With 1 went for Buy, 0 gave the rating of Overweight 10 analysts advised to hold the stock. 0 Analysts have called it Underweight and 8 of them rated the stock as a Sell.

Going by the above analyst recommendations, Consolidated Edison (NYSE:ED) has the overall rating of Hold, that suggest the stock market value is realistic so the owner should not buy nor sell it, so it is hard to tell about the stocks future prospects.


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